[Bordermarch] A&S Report Info

Theresa Liddle-Bernsen cre8tivtess at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 19 14:14:18 PDT 2007

Greetings Populace,

It is getting close to the end of the month and I am still wanting to brag on you so, this month Ly Padraigin will be completing the August amd September reports so pppppppppplllllllllllllllleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaasssssssssssseeeeeee!!!!  send your information to her at padraigin at swbell.net 
She will be taking over in October as your new A&S officer and I know that she will be taking good care of your information on your arts. If you send it to me I will forward it to her or you can post it on the Bordermarch list. I have really enjoyed being your A&S officer and I will still be here if you need anything. I will still be holding potters guild so do come by, last Saturday of the month.

I am yours in service,
Therese d'Ivoire
MoAS Bordermarch
"Imagination is everything."
Theresa Liddle-Bernsen
8255 Highway 105
Beaumont, TX 77713
409-896-5206 - home/studio
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