[Bordermarch] Gulf War Steward of Coastal Lands

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Thu Jan 4 07:12:52 PST 2007

The below missive comes from Baron William, GW  Steward of Coastal Lands, requesting your camping information.  He prefers "individuals" to register with him 
rather than one person representing a group.
Please remember you can pre-register on line for GW through January.
    Happy journeys,
    Seneschal Bordermarch
Let these My Words be heard across the Coastal Lands
of Ansteorra!!!

(Please cross post as you will to everyone/ all lists
you can think of that needs this information.)

It seems that those who were Our Allies just 9 short
months ago and have gone back to their old ways.  In 3
short months We shall have need to march East to meet
the foe.  


(Gulf War pre-registration ends 1/31/06.  Register
NOW!!!!  The only way to assure you have land to camp
in the Coastal encampment is to pre-register!!!!!)

If you wish to camp in Coastal Lands, I need the
following information.

SCA name

Mundane Name

Tent footprint, including ropes.

Tent type (mundane or Period - as usual we will try to
put the period tents around the parimeter and "hide"
the mundane tents as much as posible)

Group you would wish to camp with (Loch, Seawinds,
Bordermarche, etc...) if any.

Names of others sharing the tent, if any.

Arrival day/date.

I would prefer to receive the information individually
(Easier for the way I have set up my spreadsheet), but
will accept it from a single person representing a

Please e-mail the information to:
chemistbb3 at yahoo.com

Thank You,

William Wescot of Welewen

Steward for the Coastal Lands of Ansteorra at Gulf


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