[Bordermarch] 12 Nite Thanks

Tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Sun Jan 7 10:33:48 PST 2007

Much appreciation to the hostesses of the 12th Nite gathering, Mi'lady Catalina and Lady Bianca!

To my recollection, this was as plentiful, as beautiful an out lay of delicious assorted foods and desserts for feasting as ever there has been at the local 12th Nite.

Congratulations to Lady Asatriona inghean Padraig and Lord Sterling !
The cake to celebrate the handfasting of these two love doves was a beautifully crafted dragon at his lair.  

King's Cake (with secretly included coins, rings, or Mis-Rule bean was) prepared by HE Lady Caitrin De Lacy.  Other numerous sweets were also contributed.

With the dread thought of leaving out someone's name who made all the day's feast foods possible, I am compelled to thank Lord Maurice the Orphan for the evening's roasts and ham, each decorated with fresh fruit or veg-center-pieces; Mi'lord Craig, our chef who -with his staff- smoked meats all day long in the outside kitchen, and who became the evening's King of Yule Mis-Rule with his dear Sonya!  And thanks to Lord Santiago and Lady Elisabeth for the mid-day chili repast and tea they provided to the masses.
Thanks to Lady Isabella and Lord Il Danach for bringing a meat and cheese tray, and to a multitude whose names I am unaware.  

There were plentiful breads, cheeses, vegetables, pottages, casseroles, stews, fruits, and sauces contributed. Thanks to each and every one who participated in bringing foods and cleaning up the inside and outside kitchens.  A feasting atmosphere this grand happens only with the work of many hands!

For the Cooks' Guild,

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