[Bordermarch] Refunds of ACCEPS Reservations for Coronation @ Brad Leah

Tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Wed Jan 17 17:34:56 PST 2007

The below message came from the Steward of the iced-out Coronation event in Brad Leah.
If you want to register ahead of time for Coronation re-scheduled for Queen's Champion event, 
please go through ACCEPS to Queen's Champion at Bryn Gwlad.

" " Refunds are processed through the Shire of Brad Leah.  If you could send me your information 
and that of any others that you paid for, I can start to proceed with getting refunds out.

 BSmif76308 at aol.com  " "
(Coronation @ Brad Leah Steward)

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