[Bordermarch] Crown is Seeking "Letters"

Tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Sun Jan 21 22:19:24 PST 2007

Round Table was a busy event, well represented by the officers and populace of Bordermarch, about 20 individuals from Bordermarch on site at the Pine Tree High School in Longview hosted by Rosenfeld.
Thank goodness for traveling mercies and improving weather to make these caravans possible.

One outcome of Round Table is that
Their Highnesses/Soon Majesties Romanius and Deanna 
are extremely interested in the barony and her future, extremely interested in commentaries and information sent to Them from each one who participates in Bordermarch.

The Pairs of Candidates who were interviewed are:
Lord Il Danach and Lady Isabella;
Lord Sterling and Lady Asatriona Paidragin;
Lord Santiago and Lady Elisabeth.

The Royals wish your letters to be sooner (more immediate) rather than later (towards the absolute deadline next month), so that They may have time to ponder and weigh the words of Their people.

Their Excellencies Armand and Caitrin are ready to explain particulars being sought in writing.
 Please heed TE's words to this forum. 
After you hear Their Excellencies, please make ready your letters of commentary.
Their Majesties wish to hear (read) affirmative remarks as well as negative remarks (if there be any), based on your observations and experiences.
Sealed letters gathered together may be delivered six days hence by Their Excellencies of Bordermarch into the hands of the New Crown, Long may the Live!  Vivat the Dream!

If you have questions about the selection process, you may seek counsel with the Kingdom Seneschal.

Peace and Grace to each one of the populace,
Seneschal Bordermarch

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