[Bordermarch] Gathering for Coronation/Queen's Champion trip

Tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Wed Jan 24 21:28:54 PST 2007

Let's all remember to bring chairs so everybody can sit down...

Simonn and I will be leaving Beaumont possibly around 5 PM Friday, it looks 
Maybe later.  It could change.

You will be impressed when you arrive at Castleton on Don Shamino's 
All this is river-side to the Colorado, or what became Lake Austin.
Castleton Village has a mockup of Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, actually 
about 2/3 of the real size.
roof covered stage, and the balcony rows covered.

Castleton's castle is away, a stroll yonder through the little village of 
cabins and huts which resemble something between an olde English town, to 
Victorian, and an early Western section of the modern U.S.
Most of the houses in the village are not much larger than the beds inside 
each one.

Aiming its air-cannons at the Castle (based on the Claiborne West blueprints 
they asked us for) is the "docked" real size Pirate Ship, a modern 

Back closer to where you drive in, there is a huge field space, most often 
roped off for list pavilions, most often needing space reservations.
There is camping space for tents, but I do not know the layout of this 
event.  Coronation might could be at the Castle, which does not have a roof 
(I think).  I do no know where Coronation will take place.
There are showers and RR in the village.

Now, Don Shamino, owner, could have added a shelter or new covered section 
just for this event.  I do not know.


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> Greatings,
> George, Victor and I will be attending
> Queens/Corination this weekend. We will be leaving
> Saturday morning around 3:00 a.m.
> --- Tessa <tessa at gt.rr.com> wrote:
>> Their Excellencies Caitrin and Armand are requesting
>> that those who are journeying forth and desire to
>> congregate,
>> to please reply on line with suggestions for which
>> pavil to gather under and how to transport that
>> pavil to Austin.  Hours of departure may vary.
>> Loading space is not all known.  The baronial 10 x
>> 20 is not stored locally but at site an hour north.
>> That one is likely out of reach for any in the
>> caravan.
>> Input into this discussion is sought during
>> Wednesday night or during Thursday. Please.
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