[Bordermarch] Coronation Donation

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 3 19:11:04 PDT 2007

Thanks to so many for donations.  We will be heading
out Friday afternoon to make coronation and will
present the new Crown with a beautiful hand painted
card from L. Isabella, the gas card and a small basket
for Prince John. If you haven't yet donated please see
Todd or Melissa at fighter practice Thursday night or
give us a call and we can come by your house Wed. We
will not be at fighter practice Thursday as we have an
appointment we couldn't change. We won't actual
purchase the gas card until Fri to insure we have
collected any and all donations made.

We so appreciate ALL this Barony does to pull
together.  Our first "Gathering" was a smashing
success!!! So fun to spend time with everyone just
relaxing.  Thanks Kaithlen for all the pictures and to
everyone for bringing such great food.  Looking
forward to doing it again.

Have a Happy, Pride Filled 4th...we Americans are
truly Blessed.

HE Elisabeth

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