[Bordermarch] Coronation 07/07/07

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Mon Jul 9 07:09:10 PDT 2007

Coronation 07/07/07


Two beautiful translucent white alabaster pieces and one of cast pewter
were entered in the competition at Their Majesties Ulsted and
Ebergardis's coronation 07/0707. The alabaster was masterfully hand
carved by Bordermarch's Lord Il Danach. He also designed and cast the
pewter device during a class at Kings College. Lord Il Danach's pieces
placed second in the competition and will now go to Kingdom for their
discretionary use. Our special thanks go to Lord Il Danach for making
the extra effort to get his work out there for all to enjoy. 

Lady Kaithlen Hamilton entered her original scroll-work into the
competition. It was a new baronial letter-head she designed and painted
for our baronies use. The time and effort she dedicated to this project
can be much appreciated by all of us Bordermarchers. We should see her
new design in use as soon as we get some good color copies made.

HL Therese d'Ivoire's portfolio of original scrolls and charters were
also presented for all to enjoy. Her work is a window into Bordermarch's
proud history as well as work done for other kingdoms. Representatives
from throughout our Kingdom Ansteorra viewed her work and were impressed
with the skill and execution of her designs, painting, and calligraphy.
HL Therese d'Ivoire is one of Bordermarch's true treasures so we must
all guard her well!

Lady Liz of Bordermarch was recognized when one of her scrolls was given
for a thistle award. As His Majesty Romanius held it aloft for all to
see the audience sighed with wonder and awe at the artistic beauty of
the scroll.

Some of the works we've seen at different events pale in comparison to
the A&S pieces we've seen our Bordermarch populace produce. HE Elisabeth
and I encourage everyone to get your wares out there to be seen, for we
know in our hearts that within each of us resides the ability to
contribute to the Dream. 



Thank you so much, 

In service we remain,

Santiago and Elisabeth

  Baron and Baroness



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