[Bordermarch] Gate Sitting

Lathrop, Dave Dave.Lathrop at valero.com
Tue Jul 10 10:00:41 PDT 2007

This is just a reminder,


The thrill associated with sitting a shift at Gate during one of our
events is beyond comprehension!

As you sit there looking very important you can compare yourself to the
folks just arriving after who knows how many hours on the road.

No doubt you will look way way better than they do. Their hair will be
messed up, their clothes wrinkled, they will have that sleepy look in
their eyes, and as the very very important ones stand 

there doing the pee-pee dance you can direct them to our oh-so
convenient porta-potty.

This is your chance to handle copious amounts of cold hard cash. The
five dollar bill seems to be very prevalent, but now and again a crisp
twenty dollar bill will come your way.

A heater and a 40 watt light bulb are always provided for our Gate
Sitters because Gate Sitters are so very important to the overall
outcome of the event.

You will never be alone, there will always be some other fool sitting
there with you. We do not like our fools to sit gate unless they are
paired up.

Finally, when your shift is over, you get to count the money. Money
counting better lends itself to the females in our group. It seems the
men spend far too much time looking at the 

pictures on the bills, or they fondle the shiny quarters way too long.
We do not condone fighting over who get to lick the money envelope, but
we know it will happen regardless. If a 

squabble does erupt, remember, you are professional Gate Sitters,
trained by the finest our proud barony has to offer.


Yes, I joke about this now because we still have some time before our
Autumn Melees takes place, but HE Elisabeth and I like to be prepared. 

Sitting Gate is truly one of the most important jobs at any event. Our
Kingdom keeps a beady eye on the happenings at Gate so we want to make
sure we show them little Barony Bordermarch 

knows what it's all about.

My ever-so-lovely better half HE Elisabeth has finally taught me how to
dress myself properly and even lets me feed the dogs by myself. If she
can work miracles like that she can teach anyone 

how to sit Gate.

If your going to the event please sign-up for a Gate shift, even if you
only day-trip it you can still help spread the work load by spending a
couple of hours at Gate.

If you email us or give us a call we can pencil you right in there on
the sign-up sheets, it's sort of like magic!


Ok, I'm done now, but I do like to ramble on and on.



Santiago (Husband of the most beautiful and young looking Elisabeth)

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