[Bordermarch] Il Danach, Congrats

tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Fri Jul 13 15:07:04 PDT 2007

CONGRATS, Lord Il Danach, for insignia contest "Honoralbe Mention"
Way to go!

The following was posted today on the Scribe's Lots from Mistress HIllar, Signet:

>  Greetings, 
>  At Coronation, two contests were held: 
>  Insignia Contest winner was *Don Cristoforo Passavanti*, with a pierced-worked metal Sable Thistle medalion.  The prize was a lapis necklace donated by *Mstr. Stella Silvana*.
>  - Honorable mention to Ld IL Danach of Bordermarch for the alabaster medalions that raised much discussion about staining them. 
>  Scroll Contest by Populace Vote winner was *Lady Lillias McGuffin* from Mooneshadowe with a pair of County scrolls for Romanius and Deanna.  The prize was an illumination book from the Getty museum donated by Mstr. Hillary Greenslade.  
>  - Honorable mention to *Baroness Suzanne Gabrielle Marie Beraud* from Bjornsborg, for a beautiful Pater Noster scroll (that she created the night before! - my goodness!). 
>  Pray, keep up the good work in service to the arts and Ansteorra, 
>  Regards, Hillary, Signet

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