[Bordermarch] Scribal Happenings in Bordermarch

Kaithlen Hamilton kaledain at yahoo.com
Mon Jul 16 20:16:56 PDT 2007


We all ohhh and awe over the beautiful charters that
carefully lettered, illuminated and painted by our
wonderful scribes in the Kingdom of Ansterroa. For
those of you who would like to learn how to do this HL
Therese d'Ivoire in Bordermarch is offering to teach
those who would like to learn the art of calligraphy a
chance to learn. You may contact her about dates and
times at moas at bordermarch.org.

We are also starting to prepare for Melees in
November, for those who would like to help paint the
Shakey Knees scrolls that are presented at this event
we will be gathering in the home of Ld Phocas on July
29 at 1:00. For directions to his home in Vidor please
contact Ld Phocas at chronicler at bordermarch.org.

Kaithlen Hamilton
(M.K.A. Alicia Hargreaves)
Barony Bordermarch
Kingdom of Ansterroa
Never argue with an idiot. 
They drag you down to their level ...
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