[Bordermarch] New-Comers

Lathrop, Dave Dave.Lathrop at valero.com
Thu Jul 19 05:08:56 PDT 2007

Vivat Lord Vaclav Slovaczek. The New-Comers meeting 07/18/07 at Gander
Mountain was an unexpected success. There were about 25-30 people there;
some new visitors and some old friends.
Lord Slovaczek presented a wonderful overview of the SCA and let others
fill in the details. Lord Nikolai held our visitors attention with his
description of the marshal arts one can become involved with as a
participant in the SCA.
A&S projects were discussed in detail by all, and the ambiance at events
was described as well. The overall success of this gathering dictates we
prepare for another in the near future.
Thanks to all who showed to offer their support and insight into what we
call The Dream.
Thank you so much, 

In service we remain,

                  HE Santiago and Elisabeth

Baron and Baroness



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