[Bordermarch] Pictures for Museum

tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Fri Jul 20 12:20:43 PDT 2007

A big "thank you" goes to HE Baroness Valencia for her generous donation of some copies of 
several of her treasured photographs that date back a generation ago, 
to be included in the XXXth Anniversary Year Museum at the Autumn Melees.

If others are considering photos to loan, please think about your display in the humid 
or windy weather possibilities of November.
No one wants photos ruined.

Our area budget stores and photo-finisher booths at the drug stores, etc, 
have a variety of clear plastic frames (some with magnet backs, some without)
that are inexpensive ($2 or so), if you want to consider buying for displaying
your loanable photos that might not already be inside a scrapbook.

HL Therese' d'Ivoire and I were thinking about displaying the Museum 
inside the "First Shower House Building" (nearest the entry at site), 
inside the storage room (an inactive laundry facility space) 
that separates the Women's and the Men's Rest Rooms; 
however, with the *number of items* being gathered for display
(thank everybody very much!), 
it was discussed and agreed at a recent planning meeting to instead 
set up the Museum under the big red and white BFT 
for certain hours during Saturday and then pick up everything Saturday evening.

Please tag your loanable photos (or other items)
with identity of owner, subjects, year/event...
and please be prepared to take responsibility for picking them up when the Museum closes.

Thanks, for the memories,

Wearing our "History Museum hats,"

HL Therese' d'Ivoirie and 
Countess Tessa

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