[Bordermarch] Love Offering

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 31 11:25:27 PDT 2007

At Thursday's populace we collected $65.00 for a love offering for HE Amberlea.  Vivat to all who could help.  If you weren't there and wish to make a donation please contact myself or Santiago and we will be sure to get it to her.  
  To update anyone who was not able to make the meeting(with permission from Amberlea)...HE Amberlea one of the former Baroness of Bordermarch is undergoing medical treatment in Galveston Texas for a chronic knee problem.  What she thought was going to be a quick pre surgery procedure turned out to be daily IV treatments for the six weeks prior to her total knee replacement.  This means she has had to stay in Galveston instead of returning home until her second surgery.  We all know what this can do to the pocket book!! so a collection was taken up to help with extras like gas and food (her hotel has been taken care of by the hospital). 
  L. Salina and her family will be going to see her this coming weekend.  They will be taking the offerings as well as a "Get Well" card loving created by L. Isabella.  
  Our thoughts, hearts and prayers are with HE as she makes this journey and begins her recovery.
  God's Grace,
  HE Santiago & HE Elisabeth 

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