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Bill C Burgin billcburgin at yahoo.com
Tue Jul 31 18:55:39 PDT 2007

On another exciting note, Lady Maisie (Jalinda) has been asked to play the lead in the Pt. Arthur Community Theater production of "Cheaper by the Dozen"    This is probably more like the old Myrna Loy, Clifton Webb version than the newer one.

David Lathrop <dblathrop at yahoo.com> wrote:
  HE Santiago and I had the GREAT pleasure of attending the musical production of "Peter Pan" at Lamar College in Port Arthur last weekend. There we witnessed the wonderful singing and acting by several of Bordermarch's own. Jeff Courts(our bag piper) and his family (wife and son) were all involved both on stage as well as behind the scenes as well as HE Don Ericus and HE Amberlea's daughter Jalinda. Jalinda actual played two separate parts. She was the house maid/nanny and one of Hook's pirates. Jeff played a pirate as well, his wife was Wendy all grown up and his son was none other then Micheal(Brad Pitt watch out) what a cutie! 

Over all it was a fantastic production and enjoyed by all. Don Ericus and his L. Helene attended with beautiful flowers to present to Jalinda and C. Simonn and C. Tessa attended along with our youngest son Termiticus. We had a wonderful time and look forward to many more production from some of our own!

Great Job Guys,

HE Elisabeth
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