[Bordermarch] Fwd: Directions to June 17th Round Robin Fighter Practice

Darlene Vandever annescvb at gmail.com
Sun Jun 3 11:16:30 PDT 2007

Greetings and Good Afternoon!

As per the request of Lord Devin of Ravensfort, I am sending on his words
concerning the directions to the Round Robin Fighter Practice to be held on
June 17 at 2 PM, in the Barony of Ravensfort.

He wishes to reiterate that all are welcome and encouraged to attend. The
first Round Robin was held in the Shire of Gatesedge and was a rousing
success. Lady Racheal had a really wonderful picture spread of it in the
latest Over the Edge, the Shire's newsletter. I'm sorry that I had to miss
it but I was out of town.

There will be some food to share and if you wish to contribute in any small
way, please contact Lord Devin at lddevin02 at yahoo.com as he seems to be
coordinating the food. Beneath his message is a forwarded message from Lord
Malcolm and a link to a map he sent earlier on this subject.

Sounds like a lot of fun and a chance to enjoy the company of many of our
friends. Bring your projects; your chairs; your coolers and drinks and
water; but most of all Bring YOU!! Hope to see you there! Until then, I
Forever In Service,

*These are the directions when you are in town. If
you look at the map, you will see where 45 & 75
meet on the north side of Huntsville. If you take
the Prison Museum/Hitchin' Post exit and then
turn right at the light...you will drive up 75
and see the fields on the left. The second
entrance is the one you want. Go almost all the
way down and you will see a large covered
pavillion on the left. You are there!
Forwarded message from Lord Malcolm,

>Directions to the new park are easy...

> >From Walgreen's which is located on the corner
of (Ave.Q/Hwy 75 & Hwy 30) drive North on Ave.Q/ Hwy75 for about 1.5 miles.
You'll drive through two traffic lights. Kate Barr Ross Park will be on
the right side. I have provided a link which will show you where the
park located. On the map the park will be the open area that is surrounded
Airport Road and Old Airport Road. The Park entrance will be Old
Airport Road. You'll see Baseball fields from the main road. If you see
the landing strip to the airport you just went to far. Once in the park
drive past the baseballfields and you'll notice play ground equipment,
picnic tables, a brown gazebo type building, and right next to it a
restrooms with real toilets and running water.... plus the park is lighted
up most nights do to lights from the airport, baseball fields, and of course
Wynn Farm. And the policecome through often, because there refueling
station is next to the park.
Its really nice you'll like it...
In Service,
Lord Malcolm de Crauford
Southern Regional Hospitaler


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