[Bordermarch] King's College, Thanks

Lathrop, Dave Dave.Lathrop at valero.com
Tue Jun 12 11:50:25 PDT 2007

King's College 



Our deepest thanks to Lady Isabella and Lord Il Danach, who took it upon
themselves to teach classes at King's College. They teach us all the
value of stepping up in service for the Kingdom. Lady Isabella taught a
class on research while Lord Il Danach taught woodcarving. I beg
forgiveness for missing their classes, but will steal some of their time
in the future to educate me. I met up with Lady Isabella after her class
and she continued to enhance the ambiance of the site by working with
her spinning wheel. Lord Il Danach's wood carving display was a wonder
to behold. He has produced a detailed Celtic scene carved into a panel
to be used for His Lady Isabella's bed. The poor lad does not realize
whatever he carves next for the bed must top his previous beautiful work
of art.

Lady Kaithlen has chronicled the event by taking numerous pictures of
people and activities. Everyone else seemed to have forgotten their
cameras so we owe her much thanks for her foresight. Lord George was
present but he was so busy with his classes I never had much time to
chat. Lord George and Lady Kaithlen provided their pavilion for shade as
the day's heat began to melt everyone.

Lord Adolf, Lady Colecte, Decimus, Brand Eric, and young Carlos, could
be found wandering the site learning how to make crossbows and
rediscovering the ancient and proud art of blacksmithing. I caught up
with them in an armour making class where we all learned how something
so difficult to execute could be made to look easy. Young Carlos was
taught by Lady Colecte the proper way to bow in Their Majesties
presence. He showed me his technique and I was awed by his grace and
flourish. Perhaps he will teach us all the proper technique to bow, but
he is only five or six years old.

I tried to get Sir Simonn to wipe the sweat from my brow throughout the
day but he would have no part of that. Thanks to his lovely wife
Countess Mistress Tessa for the cold drinks she would smuggle to us as
we attended classes. Although they were ever so busy with their own
schedule of classes to attend we found them helping anyway they could to
be of service to others.

Once again, it was a wonderful event. We had such fun and learned so
much it inspires us to teach at next years King's College, but why wait
when we have an opportunity to share what we learn every day with
others, the rewards are endless.



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