[Bordermarch] Request for REMARKS about King's College, please

JACQUELIN LESLIE jacqueli_leslie at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 12 08:59:24 PDT 2007

IL Danach taught the Woodcarving class at King's College. He ended with more students than he expected. He tells me to let one and all know that he is more than willing to teach any in our barony this skill just let him know. Beleive me, he can not read minds! He also took a wonderful class on pewter casting and is currently experimenting on insignia for kingdom using his new skill. I took an interesting class on Hippocras. I have the handout and would be happy to share with anyone.  All in all the day was busy and definitely fun filled for all.


tessa <tessa at gt.rr.com> wrote:       Greetings to attendees from Bordermarch at King's  College,
 There were 13 of us!
     There was much to be learned and  observed at KC classes, yes?  I'm thinking that the general populace could  benefit from this knowledge if each one of us would jot out a couple of  sentences (or more?) about the classes you witnessed, and then Phocas could  publish a brief KC review in the next Trumpeter.
 Would you,  and, please ask your family  members to,   write out just a few words about your observations  or a project you learned?  Or give a quote about how the day went for  you?
 HE Elisabeth mentioned learning another good crew  system at gate.
 For example: the learned blacksmith tool; learning  a combo; The Queen's calig class; the siege engine; any of the other classes you  witnessed.
 Did anyone here get to take the Bonsai  class?
 I could address taking the Documentation class, but  clearly Isabella, the teacher, could write about that  best;
 Wood Carving remarks by Il Danach;   I could address the Historan's Class, Linen in  Rapier, Tale-telling (as could Gobels); a bit about seeing the Pottery or  Campfire Cooking, although not enrolled.  Everyone else, would you please  make just a few remarks about what you saw?
 In this way the knowledge could be  shared.
 I can cut and paste all your remarks and send an  item to Phocas if that would make it easier for you.
 A couple/few of sentences from  each person would be fine. Or an overall quote.  Paragraphs, also  good. As you wish.

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