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Kaithlen Hamilton kaledain at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 14 07:41:28 PDT 2007


After having sent Victor off to his Grandma's for the
weekend, George and I proceeded on to the great
educational experience of King's College. As we were
on site rather early that morning we set up our shade
pavilion near the main class area and enjoyed the
company of others there between classes. George
attended a classes in archery, making a crossbow and
the making of arrows, as well as attending a Court
Heraldry Class conducted by Modeous and the Heralds
Warrenting Class. He has been studying the handouts
from the classes he attended and is planning on
starting on making his first cross bow in the near
future. He will gladly share the information with any
that are interested. I was able to take the pigment to
period paint class which was very fun and messy and
reminded me being in an alchemists lab. Those of us in
attendance at this class not only learned about making
the pigments but also had the opportunity to try our
hand at it. I also attended the beginning bobbin lace
class. Between classes I wondered the site and took
pictures of the happenings of the event to include
pictures of the excellencies firing the siege weapons.
It was a wonderful day that both us enjoyed greatly.
As this was our first experience to attend this event
I am very glad to have done so, the opportunities to
learn new skills or improve old ones abounded through
out the day. For those who are interested I will share
the knowledge that I gained in my classes. (Phocas if
you would pictures please let me know)

In Service to the dream,

Kaithlen Hamilton
(M.K.A. Alicia Hargreaves)
Barony Bordermarch
Kingdom of Ansterroa
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