[Bordermarch] Don Brian recouperating

tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Wed Jun 20 12:20:45 PDT 2007

Don Brian MacCael [Brian Stanley], Bordermarch's former Rapier Champion, dear friend, Coastal Regional Officer, and undoubtedly his most important role, father of dear little Morgan, extraordinary child,
is recuperating as well as could be expected, if not better,
 in Houston Memorial Herman after an accident two days ago when his car was T-boned on a winding road.
He was alone in his car.  Little Morgan was never in harm's way, gone with relatives.

Brian underwent surgery on his left leg, a rod placed in.  Elbow may require pin/s.  One thing at the time.
He will have physical therapy in his future, but is easily in superior shape than Humpty Dumpty.

His spirits are good and have been since the beginning, with the notation that he was conscious, no internal bleeding, and concerned that his armor be retrieved from the car.  :)
He is recuperating in ICU well enough now that they are considering placing him in a private room, actually earlier than expected, we were told.
Please hold him in your thoughts along with his loved ones and the medical caregivers.
Little Morgan has now been able to visit her Daddy to realize what is going on.
We have been fortunate to be in touch with his Cadet Brian o'Uhilliam since the beginning and now with Lady Eryhn.
Don Brian is thankful for all prayers and concern.

Any issues that would involve discussion with his Regional Treasury Office should presently be addressed to his superior officer at Kingdom.


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