[Bordermarch] June A&S Report

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Lady Therese d'Ivoire: 
     I have been knitting away as usual, getting a start on next Christmas. No, I am NOT one of those folks who have it all together by August. I am just trying to think ahead this year...
     Working on a long thin accent scarf for my mother in a beautiful winter white/natural 100% silk yarn from the Upstairs Studio in LaPorte. Lovely store. 
     Trying to finish the last sleeve on a shrug I planned for myself made of Lion Brand Pound of Love yarn in a nice denim-complementing blue. Just about 9" to go on that.
     Learning how to knit socks on two circular needles from the toe up. Neat and easier to work with than all those little double pointed needles. 
     Wanting to get back into spinning again. I just got a beautiful set of drop spindles from Silver Goose on eBay. They are top-whorl and are three interchangeable whorls for a brass shaft, made out of dyed agate donuts. Pretty
AND functional. I need to practice making thicker yarn, I like to spin fine...
     Always playing with string and sticks!
 Lady Meresankh Wimhotep

Footprints . . . The Sequel

Then I said, "But Lord, what are these 
two lines in the sand next to Your 
footprints?" And He answered,
 "My child, those were the times I had to 
drag you kicking and screaming until 
you decided to get a clue and snap out of it."

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Greetings to all,

        I am completing my A&S report for June and I have lots of information on Kings College, who went, who taught but I know that some of you are working on other things and I would like to include you in my report so if you are working on something please let me know so I can tell kingdom. Thank you to those who have posted what you are working on I love to hear about your work. 

I am yours in service,
Therese d'Ivoire
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