[Bordermarch] Populace notes

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Fri Jun 29 07:54:40 PDT 2007

June's Populace Meeting in the 30th Anniversary year of the Barony Bordermarch was well attended by 47 yesterday.
Lady Evelyn and Lord Godric were pleasant greeters passing out the agenda papers to attendees,
 including Eli's first business meeting. (Eli is seeking a tailor to sew for him when he decides on the garb he likes. Any willing tailors?) It was good to see Daniel Oaken once more after an absence. Welcome now also Josh from Trimaris who who came to work in the Empire of Exxon. He has a bit or armor to finish then will be battle ready!
Their Excellencies of Bordermarch Elisabeth and Santiago presented the business agenda by asking officers to report, and presented plans for recreation, fund raisers, and event preparations on the horizon.

Every local office is filled and has at least one deputy.  Some have more than one deputy. Officers are dependable to report regularly to their Coastal Regional superiors.

Saturday June 30 is the Picnic in Rogers Park. See previous post for more details. In the event of a light precipitation, we will have pop-up shelter ready. Each one is to please bring the MEAT you wish to grill (hot grills will be ready) and bring a SIDE DISH to share with 6 or 8. Lawn chairs are a good idea  ~and please REMEMBER the buzzzzzzing mosquito conditions.

In August 2007, a link sale is planned as a fund raiser, very probably Lumberton area.  All suggestions will be considered.

Lord Adolf the Bear and Lord Aaron Whitewolf are stewards for the November 17-18-19 Melees. Co-ordinator sign-up sheets were passed around. Everyone who can attend, please be making preparations to assist them with your talents, time, and labors.
Gate Keepers are urged to volunteer as well as other areas of service. Some groups close their gates at night or at a time when no one volunteers, then arrivees are to return to gate to check in later. 

Material is available in plentiful quantity for ambiance banners to be made 30' wide, 45" tall, suspended by 8" to 10" loops.  Please contact HE Elisabeth if you need her to help you sew (surge) seams or edges after you have painted a banner.  These are to be mounted on 20-foot T-poles at Melees.  May be a display of personal device, household, barony, or kingdom.  12 Kingdom banners already exist, made by Lord Adolf and Lady Colecte.

Lady Whimotep gave for largesse a beautiful felted bag she hand made. HE Valencia da Granada brought a group photograph taken at the same Rogers Park from the barony's 20th year as well as copies of several dear pictures more than 25 years old. Lady Isabella has generously drawn and painted several Celtic design personal note cards as stationary for Their Excellencies.  Lady Kandyce located several back issues of publications that had been put away since "before Hurricane Rita," and she has given those for distribution or archives. 
Lady Kaithlen has contributed her photographs of 2007 Stepes Warlord and of King's College to the webpage.

Persons interested in bidding to steward 12th Night for 2008 are asked to turn in a written proposal including a notation about theme if applicable, and a projected bucget.  These bids are asked for by the JULY Populace Meeting.

Contrubutions of cash or material goods to present to the new Crown at Coronation a week after the picnic may be brought to the picnic Saturday.  Cash is already being collected to putchase a gas card to give to the Crown. May contact Lady Bianca about contributions to discretionary fund.

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