[Bordermarch] Event meeting, site work day

Lathrop, Dave Dave.Lathrop at valero.com
Wed Jul 2 07:53:22 PDT 2008

Greetings Bordermarch,
This Sunday, the 6th, is a scheduled site work day. There will be a crew
arriving early to help with the regular pre-event site cleaning. With so
many folks planning to attend this year's BAM we want to get an early
We will hit some of the areas that need our attention now. Your help
this Sunday would be greatly appreciated by all.
Some issues for BAM were ironed out at the event planning meeting last
We are working on the trash situation, and will ask that our guest
police their own campsites this year, similar to the method used at Gulf
We hope to have trash bags available at several locations throughout
site to help folks contain their accumulation of trash.
An increase in the number of Porta- Potties is a certainty this year,
and we will have some bids by the next the scheduled event meeting.
Activities for Friday during BAM were discussed, and many ideas were
Children's activities and fighting scenarios will be planned for the
day. We also would like to schedule some classes in the various arts and
sciences to be taught throughout the event.
Friday evening we plan to have another potluck dinner under the BFT. Our
last event's potluck dinner turned out to be a very successful happening
with a relaxed family atmosphere, there was plenty of food for all.
We would like one of our households to organize the dinner, similar to
the last one, and will also ask for help from our visitors .
After the Friday evening meal we are would like to organize some sort of
loud obnoxious procession with musicians, dancers, loud bards, and
anyone else who wants to participate, to circle the campsite and
welcome everyone to BAM.
The the procession will end up back under the BFT where we are planning
to open it up for a Hafla
The site token design by Lord Phocas and Lady Ellen was approved, we
will now begin the process of making one thousand or more of the tokens
 We will have a comprehensive site map in the gate booklet that will
show parking venues as well as pertinent safety info. The location of
garbage bag stations and Porta-Potties could also be shown on the map.
We will certainly have some visitors that will be unfamiliar with our
indigenous wildlife so we will have some nice laminated color posters
posted at key locations around site that can be used to identify the
nasty creatures that show up now and again.
Much more was discussed, but I'm still in shock from the verbal assault
HE Elisabeth threw down on Lord Diego and me. As hard as I try I can't
remember anything else. It seems that Lord Diego's and my discussion
that was being conducted way, way, way, 
away from the rest of the group irritated HE Elisabeth, my lovely
youthful looking wife of 25 blissful years of marriage. I don't even
remember what Lord Diego and I were talking about. The image of HE
Elisabeth turning her head in our direction, not unlike 
Linda Blair in"The Exorcist", stopped our conversation cold. She was
sitting in a lotus position on the floor with her arms crossed and
looked very much like a mean Buddha woman. Thank God she didn't elevate!
We heard a snake like hiss that preceded her 
absolutely perfect enunciation of my Christian first name,"DAAAAVID!".
She then reminded me that she held the floor at the moment and our petty
conversation was too loud. One must understand that when HE Elisabeth
talks she never breaks
to take a breath. She has learned to breath through her nose while she
talks. Most of the good horn players do the same thing so their music is
never interrupted. Knowing this factoid led me to take my conversation
to Lord Diego who was guarding the bag of 
Trail mix in the corner of the kitchen. When HE Elisabeth was finished
scolding us she calmly turn her attention back to her captured audience.
I tried to whisper something to Lord Diego, but Trail mix dust blew out
of my mouth and all over HE Elisabeth's brand 
new countertop. I then gave up my conversation with Lord Diego and
shuffled back to the main group and quietly slumped down into my seat,
right next to Linda Blair!
HE Santiago

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