[Bordermarch] Coronation

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 13 15:35:08 PDT 2008

A BIG thank you to all who attended Coronation and special thanks to L. Diago for stepping in as Chirurgeon at the list field.  It was well attended by all of Ansteorra.
HRM William from Gleann Abhann was in attendance and spoke in court of the invasion of our borders at Melees.  He said people in his kingdom had been anxiously awaiting word that the "war" was on.  All though he will not be sitting in November he is planning to attend along with their new majesties and it sounds as though there will be a big attendance from our neighbors to the East. 
I  spoke with many of our cousins and we are getting full support and volunteers.  They are eager to help and know what this event will mean to Ansteorra.  
Event preparations are going smoothly but we still need everyone to help.  Anything you can do small or large will be a help and greatly appreciated! We will keep you posted of event planning meetings and project days for token making, sewing and etc...
This will surely be a Barony changing event!
Vivat Bordermarch,
HE Elisabeth

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