[Bordermarch] Water Bearing

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Yes Ma'am. Will do.
The current directive on this is that volunteers may offer hydration
-rather than be a service under the auspices of "The Offices" -which came 
under microscopic scrutiny lately.

Our populace has never "forced" anyone to accept water, shade, or 
refreshment, yet will continue to offer it freely.

At my house here are several personal large bowls in green or orange that 
may be used for offering pickles or
oranges or trail mix and a few blue aprons to identify volunteers, if you 
Also have several blue bowls for cleansing or disinfecting squirt caps or 
There are several white tables available, stored in various garages or in 
the shed.
Lately a new drinking-water hose was privately obtained by a friend;
so, perhaps that hose could be borrowed and taken to Raven'sFort. We can 

It will be a good idea for any of us to begin keeping empty, clean 2-liter 
bottles; or if feasible, to acquire
packs of bottle waters.
When two of our households coordinated water bearing for "The Lysts at 
Castleton" a couple of summers back,
we had those surplus crates of water bottles given after HurricaneRita by 
one of the manufacturing companies...
and did intentionally leave several crates with Bryn Gwlad because the size 
of the bottle was perfect for their needs.
I will have to ask a particular Squire to see if any more of those crates of 
bottled water remain stored.

If anyone is going to donate gator-ade, please make it *not red*  in the 
event of any nauseated person,
so it would not be confused as bleeding.

I'm confident that plenty of the local populace will jump on board with this 
endeavor for our dear neighbors!

BTW, it was "neat-o mosquito" to watch Your Excellency swear featly to the 
new Crown, gathered
among your many cousins as Landed Nobles, with yourself holding the coronet 
of your absent partner.
A schweeeeeeeeeeet moment to observe!

Peace and Grace to all,

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Bordermarch Populace,

Ravensfort needs our help! Their event in September "Defender of the Fort" 
needs Water Bearers. I have spoken with HE Brian and offered our services. 
We will be coordinating and running the water bearing at their event and now 
just need volunteers.

Anyone that can attend and help PLEASE let HE and I know. Ravensfort has 
already committed to helping us at Melees and have 12 volunteers to keep us 
safe and secure through our four day event. Lets pay it forward.........

God's Grace,
HE Elisabeth
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