[Bordermarch] bent pipe

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Your excellency,

My research into the look of armor has not shown any evidence of a rusted seat being particularly period looking and further investigation on the effects of the spilled food grease down your front actually protects the armor from rusting.? My advice for adding that certain aged look would be to ask the lovely Baroness to allow you to drink some of her womanly wine coolers which are acidic enough to cause the effects you are looking for as they dribble down your broad chest.? Unfortunately?drinking the wine coolers?seems to be having the unfortunate side affect of decreasing your testosterone level to an alarmingly low level.? Maybe the Brewers guild can concoct an antidote to your wine cooler dilemma.

In your service,
Adolf the Bear 
Squire to Sir Simonn of Amber Isle

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Greetings unto Adolf the Windy,
I'll have you know that HE Elisabeth uses my armor box every day for a table to 
set her sewing machine on.?Should I remove her table I might as well rip the joy 
from her precious heart. I shall suffer your insults?until time itself ends
before I ever hurt the love of my life.
I am tring to give my armor an aged look by letting the rust accumulate in 
certain places. My fear is that too many blows too the helm, which I seem to get 
a lot of, would surely ruin my aging tecnique. Have no fear Lord Adolf, when the 
chips are down and?the dark hoard has you quaking in your thong, Santiago will 
be there, resplendant in aged armor,?ready to give his life for a Bordermarcher!
HE Santiago

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My dearest Baron,

I am shocked and deeply saddened at your unprovoked attack upon me and my 
character!? I am expecting to be able to defend my honor against you at the next 
fighter practice..... oh thats right you attend but do not fight.? Maybe we can 
use your seldom used armor and helm to straighten the roll of pipe you have 

yours truly 
Adolf the Bear
Squire to Sir Simoon of Amber Isle
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