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Tue Jul 29 13:18:20 PDT 2008

Greetings unto my beloved family and friends of Bordermarch!

  In my continual quests to be informed, I have run across some disturbing news. 
 As we peacefully tend our duties, our kingdom neighbors to the east do plot against us!  Be it known that I did speak with Her Grace Mary-Grace whilst I was at the Lysts of Castleton and encouraged her to come get this hideous Ram that Our Excellencies of Bordermarch were tricked into taking.  Princess Mary-Grace told me the thing was ugly and they didn't want it back!  YET, Her Grace calls for the Armies of Gleann Abhann to descend on Bordermarch Autumn Melees!
   Surely you can see, Gleann Abhann is jealous that Ansteorra has a stone castle so close to their borders. It is plain that this is really a ploy to take our castle while we think we have nothing to worry about with the strongest fortress in the Knowne World.

  Brethren, let us not be caught off guard!  Now is the time to prepare to defend our honor and our home.  Get the word out to all of Ansteorra to defend our land and not to let some new young kingdom think they are superior to the strength and wisdom of Ansteorra!

In service to Barony Bordermarch, Border keep, Ansteorra and The Dream,
Phocas of Bordermarch
======== From Gleann Abhann's email group on Yahoo ============
Date: Mon Jul 21, 2008 12:19 pm 
Subject: Re: Bordermarch Autumn Melee's? 

  Good people of Gleann Abhann,

We have anxiously awaited to hear that the people of Ansteorra had
given thought to their insult upon all the people of Gleann Abhann and
would have made full apologies and restitution of the most coveted Ram
to our most Royal father, King William on his recent visit to their lands.
Not only did they make no such gesture, they stood behind their
felonious Baron and Baroness of Border March and continued their
insult to each and every one of the citizens of this great Realm.

Good people...I say to you that these rouges be taught a lesson. I say
to you, that Ansteorra thinks us weak and lazy. Ansteorra thinks that
we will sit by and let this affront to Gleann Abhann pass unanswered.

Well, my friends, Let us prove that Ansteorra is WRONG!

What Ansteorra clearly does not understand is that the Ram of Gleann
Abhann beats in the heart of each and every one of her Citizens and
that we will invade Ansteorra in force. We will come with sword, with
shield, with spear with rapier, with bow and arrow, and we will
collect the property that rightfully belongs to Gleann Abhann as we
watch enemy after enemy fall in the wake of the mighty Ram Army.

So, come with us to defend  Gleann Abhann's honor and to witness the
glory that will take place on the field....do not be heard to say, "I
wish I had been there"....for the glory that will be witnessed upon
that field will be that of legend. The honor and chivalry that we will
teach them at the point of our blades will be that of a story that
shall be passed from father to son in both Ansteorra and Gleann Abhann.

While there is still some small hope that Ansteorra might yet
capitulate and admit their grievous behavior, we urge each of you to
prepare for war for it comes upon us much faster than you think; and
know that our enemies prepare as we speak!


21-23 Autumn Melees - Bordermarch (Beaumont, TX) *PED*

Havordh �ttarbani
Prince Gleann Abhann

Princess Gleann Abhann 

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