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 Greetings my fellow Sheep Bandits,
Here are a few snippets from a Gleann Abhann chat site concerning Autumn
As you can see, they have falsely accused Bordermarch of ripping off
their Ram.
Bordermarch might be a small barony, but it's populace has been tempered
by the 
constant vigilance it maintains protecting our Kingdom  from those that
dare use us as a portal into the Sable Motherland we call Ansteorra.
The Ram likes it here in Bordermarch, I think we'll keep it!
HE Santiago
Re: Bordermarch Autumn Melee's? 

I plan on going, as it is the group where I started in the SCA... It
is a freakin' awesome event! I encourage anyone who loves a beautiful
site, great fighting on an amazing castle, awesome A&S, wonderfull
feasts and out of this world bardic to check out Autumn Melees. I
think it would be cool to get an idea of how any people are going.
Besidesm those Ansteorrans have something that belongs to us, and we
want it back...

> I'm wondering what's going on with Bordermarch's Autumn Melee's?
> Gellis and I are planning on attending, as it is kind of a
homecoming for
> me.Melee's was my first even way back when. I know that our
friends over in
> Ansteorra have been itching to start a border war with us for a
while. I
> personally would like to see us field enough folks to "kick their
butts and
> drink their beer"
Gleann Abhann Royals worked to twice manipulate our Kingdom
> Calendar so that the weekend before Thanksgiving would be cleared
> Gleann Abhann Kingdom events and we could play with our friends in
> Barony Bordermarch. I also note that the Shire of Blackwood has
> returned Masque of the Red Death to that same date, one they had
> originally used for a long time.
> >
> > Yes, I too, look forward to hearing what manner of shtick will
> generated for this grand event.
> >
> You have time to get AUTHORIZED by then!
> I might have some lamellar that will fit ya.
> -
> > Well, I for one am looking forward to taking back our
> > sheep bandits.
> > ---
> > >
> > > Your Highness Mary-Grace,
> > > Of course you are absolutely correct. I am so ashamed by my
> > of memory. You did indeed share with me the tale of said sheep
> > napping. The presentation to Their Excellencies of Bordermarch
> > made the same day that William and Onora won Crown List. The
> > following day I attended Ansteorran Crown List at the Border Keep
> > where Her Excellency Elizabeth was near giddy as she told me
> > that relic would be displayed. I trust all will be rightfully
> > resolved in the Autumn.
> >
> > > 
> > >
> > > ------
> > > Your Excellency,
> > > As the keeper of Gleann Abhann's History, it might be
important to
> > note that last year members of the Barony of Border March came to
> > Gleann Abhann and took from this realm a prized relic.
> > > The event was Gleann Abhann's Heraldic and Scribal Symposium
> > Master Rory sponsored a raffle, and one of the items was a
> > member of Gleann Abhann's herd. Many members of the populace
> > bought their tickets to become owner of this prize, but imagine
> > horror of all assembled when the number was called...and it was
> > realized that a Gleann Abhann sheep was to be taken from these
> > back to Ansteorra.
> > > The Queen looked into the eyes of these visitors to her lands
> > said, "My Lord, you may claim your prize and take it with you,
as it
> > was fairly won. But take it with this message to your Baron and
> > Baroness. That is Our sheep and We will come to get it!"
> > > It is my understanding that both the sheep and the message were
> > delivered to Their Excellencies and they have been making
> > preparations to defend this relic, the rightful property of
> > Abhann, ever since.
> > > I know that Their Most Royal Majesties travel to Ansteorra this
> > weekend, and perhaps a peaceful solution can be reached or
> > Their Majesties Ansteorra will command Their Baron and Baroness
> > return to Their Majesties Gleann Abhann what is rightfully
> > > If, however, Ansteorra stands fast on this hostile course, who
> > knows what might happen. Only time will tell.
> > > In Service,
> > >
> > >
> > > Princess Mary-Grace
> > > Gleann Abhann
> >
> > >
Well, sheep and cattle rustling were a major part of life along the
Marches of Scotland and England....this seems to be very...period...

> > >
> >
> >
> >
> [

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