[Bordermarch] Kingdom Seneschal looking for Bids

tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Sun Mar 2 17:58:24 PST 2008

Good Morning,

With the changes to the Kingdom Calendar, there are a number of bids due all at the same time this month. Please take a hard look at event sites in your area and put in for one or more of the following which are all due at the end of the month:

 ·         Summer Coronation/King's Champion Bids Due

o        July 11-13th

o        Let's be proactive and have bids ready for Their Highnesses

·         Summer Queen's Champion Bids Due

o        July 18-20th

o        Let's be proactive and have bids ready for Her Highness

·         Summer Crown Tourney Bids Due

o        July 25-27th

o        Taking bids from Northern and Central regions

·         Summer Round Table Bids Due 

o        August 22-24th

o        No charge for this event, so looking for a free site with:

§         Large room for general sessions

§         7-8 classrooms

§         Private Area for Their Majesties/Highnesses

§         Side board luncheon

·         Laurel's Prize Tournament Bids Due

o        September 12-14th

o        Include copy to Minister of A&S

o        Please contact the Kingdom Minister of A&S (moas at ansteorra.org) with any questions about the event or site amenities

 All bids should include budgets and are to be sent to the Crown, Kingdom Seneschal and Kingdom Exchequer. LPT is also sent to the Kingdom Minister of A&S. 

In Service,

Master Phelim Gervase called Pug

Kingdom Seneschal - Ansteorra

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