[Bordermarch] Update

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 11 20:08:40 PDT 2008

Dear Populace,
  I've been in contact with HE Santiago and all is going well at Gulf Wars.  He said that Gavon, Stephanie and Little Todd are loving it!!!  Soaking up all that they can.  Tessa is working long, long hours tending to her Majesty and Santiago has decided he needs to find a surrogate momma for Simonn and Zain. Appearently there's a snore fest going on nightly as well.  I think Santiago is in the lead on that one.... over all, cold at night but everyone doing well.  A BIG thank you to L. Padrigean for watching over my lord.  He said the chicken soup was really good and needed as he was getting too cold.  Kandace your group did get the supplies and check.  I was on the phone with Santiago when they arrived and heard him relaying all your info.  They will hook up again Sunday to bring it all back.
  As for me...I've been down with a possible ruptured disk in my back (not in my plans for the week)which happened Sunday while painting the house.  Will have MRI tomorrow to confirm. Undergoing electrotherapy and had steriod injection in my lower spine today hoping to get some relief. My kids are helping out a lot as I am unable to work or drive and am pretty doped up at times. 
  Still planning to have the Pity Party on Sat if able.  I just won't do any lifting etc...Hey it's a party anyways...time to relax and enjoy each other.  Will keep you posted and post directions later in the week.
  Hope everyone else is well...Erin and Sean should be home by now????
  Love you all,

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