[Bordermarch] Missing My Baron

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 13 13:31:51 PDT 2008

Your Baroness is missing her Baron and longing for his return, however our youngest son "Termiticuss" has stepped forward in his fathers absents and taken care of me.  I have received the results of my recent MRI scan and it was not good.  Looks like I have protruding disks from L3 down to S1, and at L4-5 I have a herniated disk that is impinging a nerve and pushing into my spinal column.  I am being sent to a Neurosurgeon next week to see if there is any alternative therapy otherwise I may be undergoing back surgery.  As for today my pain is much better.  Some slight twinges when moving certain ways but just don't do too much.  I will return to work tomorrow doing just desk duties and have been threatened by my employer Dr. Cartrett that he WILL send me home if he thinks I'm doing too much.  
  As for this Saturday March 15Th...The Gulf War Pity Party is still on!!!!  11 am my house at 110 Dawn Drive, Silsbee.  
  Come straight through the city of Silsbee until you get to Hwy 418.  There will be a Bealls department store on the Left and a Elementary school on the Right.  Turn Left on 418 and go 4 miles.  Turn Left on Autumn Shadows(right next to the Mormon Church) and follow the road down, around the curve staying to the right and go up the hill. At the top of the hill turn Left on Glenda then left again on Dawn.  As soon as you turn onto Dawn it will look like a dirt road to no where.  Just stay on the dirt road and you will see the BIG RED Barn and a yellow house next to it.  That's us!!!! here's my cell 673-0897.  Remember to bring a side dish...I will have drinks.  See you all soon....
  Oh and bring your craft, talent, sewing, art etc....we have archery targets too.
  Love you all!!

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