[Bordermarch] Gulf War 2009-10 (XVIII & XIX)

Lathrop, Dave Dave.Lathrop at valero.com
Wed Mar 19 03:41:22 PDT 2008

Greetings all

I will be the Coastal Land Steward for Gulf War XVIII & XIX.  My
predecessors, Baron William Wescot of Welewen, Baron Armand de Lacy,
Count Galen Edwin Kirchenbauer and Sir Goodwin of Edington provided
yeoman service and deserve our gratitude.

To those of you who regularly attend Gulf Wars, what has worked best for
you?  What aspects do you believe could be improved?  Who among you
would be willing to travel to the site if I can set up one or more work
days?  Is there interest in something to identify our area and those
groups who are present?  There are two trees about 25 feet apart on
Queen's Highway from which we could suspend a banner.  Any other ideas?

I intend to continue the practice of placing 'period' pavilions along
Queen's Highway and Ricardo de Pisa.  I'm less concerned with Colchester
Lane.  Seawinds has already requested to place their common pavilion on
Queen's Highway (where they were this year).

As we approach next year's War, it would also be helpful to me to know
who desires to camp close to whom so some effort can be made to provide
a place for small common areas and what households/companies would like
to camp together.

Yours in service,
Baron Ihon Vinson macFergus, OL
Lord of Stargate
Coastal Land Steward

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