[Bordermarch] The coded Yellow Rubber Gloves

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I am pleased to hear that the crop circles which were mysteriously laid on Your gloves retained some of their other-worldly power, and that we are not now searching for a replacement for You. ;{>


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There was a pattern etched in the yellow rubber gloves that called for
some closer scrutiny; I hadn't scrutinized all day, and I felt up to
this immediate challenge. 
I noticed  that the manufacturing process employed to apply the molten
coat of yellow rubber to the cloth gloves I was wearing left a random
pattern of swirls, bumps, and pits in the fingers of the gloves. There
was nothing unique about the patterns except for the two perfectly
formed circles that looked like small craters in a sea of yellow
destruction. There was a crater on the index finger of the right, and
left hand glove.

I reached out with the speed of a God and latched onto Lord Phocas's
breast with all my strength. I can't really say that I knew what I was
grabbing but I knew it was composed of flesh and bone. My instincts and
superior brain saved me from instant death once again. 

HE Santiago

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