[Bordermarch] Working Gate duty at Nov 21-22-23 2008 Melees

tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Mon Oct 20 19:17:05 PDT 2008

Good E'en from your Gate Coordinators for Melees,
Lady Padraigin and I are setting up the paper work for entrance Gate where attendees will sign in, sign waivers as needed, and pay their site fees.
"Gate" must have 2 persons on duty at all the hours that Gate is "Open." 
Gate is a tent at Jones Country Campgrounds, at the concrete slab, visible as vehicles enter from the eastern driveway on FM Road 255. 

We hope to have teams of three (3) workers per two hour duties: 
two (2) persons receiving guests, writing their paperwork, and one (1) more person serving as banker in the busiest arrival hours.  

During milder traffic hours, a total of two volunteers (2), one on paperwork and one banker, should be adequate.
Lady Padraigin and I will be around to "close out" each two-hour shift by tallying up the numbers, etc.
You mostly need to smile, welcome the attendees, ask folks for their blue card, hand them a pen, copy their needed numbers, figure their prices to pay, and give them a gate brochure and a plastic trash bag.

Thank you to the large number of volunteers who have already signed up for gate duty in recent weeks.
And thank you to the volunteers who are willing to hang loose and be around, plugging up holes in the schedule.
So far, these are the volunteers:
Her Excellency Elisabeth, Lady Cataline; Lord Zane Ambergate; Mi'lady Alianora; Lord Goderic of the Axe;
Lady Colecte, Lady Donnel; Lady Carletta; Lord Ricciardo; Lord Grimvere; Mistress Rhiannon; Lady Ellen/Tress; Lord Phocas; Mistress Annes' Proteges; Lady Libby; Krysten Parrish; and Lily; Lady Padraigin, and myself.
Several time slots during Friday day and Saturday morning remain open, in need of workers.

Those who have sat Gate Duty in recent years know that Gate at a Bordermarch event is "the place to be" because of all the fun that happens there, and you get the added benefit of greeting lots of people before they are in garb.
It's fun to roll things over in your head such as, "I know that I know you, but I never saw you in jeans and a t-shirt before... ..."    :)    And, you get to listen to hours of stories...

If you are available to sit a 2-hour duty at Gate, please email tessa at gt.rr.com to discuss time slots.
Hoping to hear from more volunteers,
Gate Coordinators,
Lady Padragain and Countess Tessa

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