[Bordermarch] Nomis back in action

nomistk at bordermarch.org nomistk at bordermarch.org
Tue Oct 21 22:49:24 PDT 2008

   Glory be!

   your excellency,

   I finally made it back to my beloved Bordermarch from my distant
   travels.  What an adventure I have been on!

   As I last posted you I set out with the sun at my back to spy our
   dread enemy of Goat lovers.  To my I quickly found myself in the
   Outlands and had to spend most of my time completely under cover least
   I be exposed. Either that gardener woman or the brewer sabotaged my
   trip, I am not sure which.  I tried to force the information out of
   the gardener by she would not speak.  Her arm may heal yet, only time
   will tell. Unfortunately I ran across an old trader friend that took
   delight in eating all of my messenger birds (must convince him birds
   are made of pork).  That is what has kept me from communicating until

   As I made my way back to our lands I was confronted with the mightiest
   of storms, sent no doubt by the gods to impead my progress.  This
   caused me much delay and concern as the trees that I used to mark my
   way were now down on the ground or unrecognizable.  How many circles I
   walked in I cannot begin to imagine but I made my way back home, and
   none too soon I must add!  Upon arrival I have discovered that the
   slow witted brewer has become favored in your court.  By watching your
   actions and how dumb founded you appeared while staring at your gloved
   hand (for hours it seemed) I can only despair at the fact that you
   seem to be under the effects of his wicked brew.   I must implore you
   to watch out for his schemes as I am sure him and that pesky gardener
   are up to something.  And I also noticed this very weekend the slow
   witted one try to make you fall such a great distance as to insure
   your demise.  How you cannot suspect his plans I do not know.  Please
   your excellency be cautious in whoose company you keep.

   Word has also reached me that there was an attempt on the life of one
   of your other subjects,  the tinker man, as he made his way home from
   your keep.  This man is responsible for many of your properties and
   thier safety and his attempted demise is a very blow to your inner
   circle.  What will these goat lovers stoop to next?

   Finnally I must express my concern over your apparent disabled state
   that I found you in at your souther residence just this Saturday
   night.  I cannot say that I have seen you in such a slow minded
   state.  If not for your short stature I would have mistaken your
   speach to be that of the brewer I so suspect.  And then to have you
   try to convince me that the wood in your shed some how made up a
   mighty bellows for your non-existant forge was truly heart breaking
   for me to see you in your confused state.  Oh the knives and swords
   you could make if in deed you owned a real forge, that will be a fine
   day when it comes.

   I am now off to the land of the dread enemy and will report thier
   actions shortly.

   In your service

   Nomis of Topaz Key

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