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The calamity of this situation would place me in a home for the addle-witted due to my helpless and maniacal laughter, if it were not for the fact that we are now in dire straits.  I believe I mentioned that it sounded like Your 'spy' had gone west from his first missive, and I'm sorry that You were unable to reach him in time to turn him around before weeks were wasted spying on our allies!

I cannot agree that the storm which further confused our good Nomis was sent by God, as the Good Lord is clearly on our side against the heinous 'goat-lovers.' Logic alone, and Nomis' own actions prove that no such interference was necessary to hinder him.  (perhaps You should have sent someone less easily victimized by the simplest of people...)

But, though I am old and beyond wielding a weapon, my son Ld. Joseph has been in training to come to the Barony's aid.  There will be other members of my House present as well (a House with a fair reputation for the caliber of its warriors), and many of them are known to You for their accomplishments on the battlefield.  I will attend You there as well, and render aid as I am able.  Due to the fierceness of the fighting, I will be leaving my good Lady Helene and our children out of harm's way and will have to return to them soon (You never know when someone may have learned to flank, and my small estate sits hard by the river which borders the enemy).  I expect that will be no hardship to Your Excellency, as I do not believe it will be more than a morning's work to send the foe packing, and the work will not likely become very warm.
It being my duty to advise, I leave You with those words of comfort.

Ericus the Silverhand, WSA

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Subject: [Bordermarch] Nomis

Friend Nomis,

Your missive is read by one who's eyes are now cleared of the
slow-witted brewer's

gut-rot. You were correct with your assumption that I have not been
functioning with

my usually keen sense of judgment; I will make restitution to all I have

My Lady Elisabeth saved me from permanent slow-wittedness by purging my

with a healthy dose of biscuits and gravy; poured over free range
chicken eggs, scrambled to perfection. 

The recipe for the gravy was given to her by a stranger with a penchant
for the foulest of words.

This stranger looked a very much like you, and he travelled with a
beautiful consort; something

you'll never have because of your lifelong fetish for small farm

I have send you east, and you traveled west; I gave you pigeons for
communication, and they

were eaten; I told you to watch the stars and mark your way, instead,
you looked at the trees;

I sent you with a donkey to help make haste your journey, you return and
tell me you

are now married to it!

Bordermarch has indeed missed their Nomis, but your stay must be short.
Our enemy fast

approaches, and we need information as to their location.

I would once again press you into service and send you forth on a
mission that might

very well cost you your life. I cannot tell you what the mission
involves since your 

going to screw it up anyway; I'll just point you in the right direction.

The one concession I ask is that you leave your new bride with us. She
will be safer

in the stables and I will see to her care myself.

HE Santiago

Glory be!

  your excellency,

  I finally made it back to my beloved Bordermarch from my distant

  travels.  What an adventure I have been on!

  As I last posted you I set out with the sun at my back to spy our

  dread enemy of Goat lovers.  To my I quickly found myself in the

  Outlands and had to spend most of my time completely under cover

  I be exposed. Either that gardener woman or the brewer sabotaged my

  trip, I am not sure which.  I tried to force the information out of

  the gardener by she would not speak.  Her arm may heal yet, only time

  will tell. Unfortunately I ran across an old trader friend that took

  delight in eating all of my messenger birds (must convince him birds

  are made of pork).  That is what has kept me from communicating until


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