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I've noticed that you've become quite a chatty recently. A spy who takes
pride in his work is usually very secretive about most matters, but I'll
let this small indiscretion pass since you are getting on in years, and
weary to bone from all your misguided travels.

HE Elisabeth was deeply concerned about the smoke billowing from the
shop of one, Marcelo Domino, the merchant who supplies me with my
favorite toasted flatbread; he spreads generous portions of meat sauce
on the top. She knows that without this fine cuisine available for my
consumption, the light that shines in my eyes whilst I dine would become
all the dimmer.

You are correct in that there have been some suspicious activities in
the barony that seem to perpetuate my having mysterious accidents. I
still keep a keen eye on the Gardener and the Slow Witted Brewer. I have
recently noticed the Gardener flitting about with a large bundle of
sticks under her good arm. Perhaps she is planning to throw another in
my path, thereby causing me to stumble to a fatal demise.

The eyebrows were never magical, nor do they hold any power to sway
another's thoughts. The power lies in the furrows and creases that can
be formed upon the forehead of one trained by the enigma known only as
the "Crack Master!"
The Master has gifted me with but a portion of his wisdom. I am
considered a fourth level Cracker within the small circle of Crack
Masters that exist.
I can form patterns with creases on my large forehead by shifting my
eyebrows to varying degrees. These patterns are harmless unless I employ
the deadly "Stink-Eye" in conjunction with the undulating creases. When
I unleash the "Stink-Eye", the viewer's mind becomes a clean slate just
long enough to allow me to imprint a thought onto it. The viewer usually
will just laugh at my actions, and brush them off as the actions of an
The "Crack Master" says to use the power only for the good of your
fellow man, and I do try to follow his tenets.

My good friend Nomis, two moons have passed since you gazed upon my
furrowed brow and laughed, but you must admit, your sense of direction
has improved, and you now bath more than once a year!

HE Santiago

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   To the populace of the fine Barony Bordermarch,

   Once again we have had two close calls on the lives of our fine Baron
   and Baroness.  My internal spies have been reporting on the safety of
   our royalty and have reported the following:

   First our excelency Elisabeth was performing service work near her
   southern estate when she noticed a building full of "smoke"across the
   street from her location.  Ever the people's servant, she summond the
   local Bucket brigade to attack the fire and save one of the town's
   buildings.  True to thier word the bucket brigade rushed to the
   only to discover that the "smoke" was coming from a steam generating
   bellows that was cleaning the walkway in front of the building.
   Luckily there was no one who was aware that our Baroness made such a
   grievious mistake so this will go unnoticed.  Please DO not bring
   up to her as this is a souce of much embarassment to her.

   Secondly, while assisting with repairs to his castle, the Baron
   suffered grivieous injury by tripping on what he later stated was a
   shaft of an arrow(read small stick)  that was shot between his legs
   an attempt to trip him and cause a fall.

   Please help me in my efforts by protecting and reporting any
   suspicious events to me so that my network of protectors and be fully
   prepared to protect the lives and reputations of our fine royalty.

   On a some what disturbing note please be aware the the Baron has
   stated that his eye brows have magical powers capable of influencing
   others actions.  Please be careful to note his rasing of his eye
   as and attempt to cast a spell on you and take control of your mind.
   If this does not work on you, please just play along and act like it

   On a better note the tower is almost finished and stands ready to
   defend our fair lands agains the herd of goat lovers that are
   gathering on our borders.

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