[Bordermarch] Getting ready, looking for several items

tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Tue Oct 28 21:43:32 PDT 2008

Getting ready to load up things that will go to site for set up.
Thanks to Lord Sterling for offering the black/green tent top, as needed for extra shelter.
Thanks to His Excellency and Lord Phocas for working up a site map 
and to Michael Evans for detailing it for zooms. 
Thanks to Darrell's team for labor on site near the castle and ravine, when most of you've not yet
attended a "first event." 

As preparations for packing to set up site are upon the working crew for the forthcoming BAM,
several items have been asked about.

Does someone know without being there to look, how many propane cannisters are locked in the shed?

There was a stack of items that some do remember to have been at the gate tent 
at the concete slab for 2008 April's event.
At pack-up time, with so many helpers putting into various trailers 
or vehicles, or taken home, I am wondering how to help people find the following: 

-loanable feast gear components
-walkie talkie, maybe in a grey tub?
-a cardboard box of surplus envelopes
-wooden squirrel box
-a bag of light sticks (snap and glow)
-message board, dry erase
-a bundle of vote-with-a-bean cups

If you recall where these were stored, please jot a note back.

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