[Bordermarch] Her Excellency Dena

LadyVal at aol.com LadyVal at aol.com
Mon Sep 1 19:22:09 PDT 2008

Hello Everyone,  
I didnt evacuate---was going to visit my Mother in Arkansas but my flight  
was cancelled.  Charles cant leave-he is part of the emergenc y team here  in 
Port Arthur (now almost a ghost town.)
I called the hospital and Dena is in the Shock Trauma wing of Herman  
Memorial in Houston.
Cards and letters can be sent to her (no flowers or plants now) at
Dena Mortimer
Memorial Herman Hospital
SIMU  Room 22
6411 Fannin
Houston, TX  77030
The hospital said cards could also be sent to heer at home and Daffydd can  
take them to her
David and Dena Mortimer
1208 Porterfield
Austin, TX 78753
Cards may also  be sent through the hospital's website.
mka - Janice Terrell

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