[Bordermarch] Forwarded about GW site after Gustav

tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Mon Sep 8 17:33:30 PDT 2008

Forward From Meridian Message Board:

If you are in contact with any of the groups I list please forward 
this to them.

While I was on my way back to New Orleans I stopped off at Gulf Wars 
site to see how everything was. Other that 3 downed trees, most 
damage was minor. I mostly only looked at permanent structures so if 
you do not see your campsite lists I did not notice anything wrong 
with it or do not remember who's camp it was. All other debris will 
most likely be cleaned up after the first batch of kids gather 

Shadow Legion: known weak part of the fence has fallen into camp.
NOVA: Tar paper off one roof, minor break in fence.
Gambit: looked good.
Early Period Life: minor fence repair.
Loch Raudh: looked good.
Seleone: looked good.
Sable Wolf: boards for the top of gate are rotting.
Axemoor: looked good.
Ansteorra: vines are attacking one tower but otherwise good.
Last Bastion: water faucet at the corner of Queen's Highway and 
Prince's Way will not turn off.
Dragon Or: looked good.
Rolling Thunder: one sign down.
Wolfstar: gates are of their henges.
Green Dragon: top of the oven caved in.
Marshin Fayne: tree with cow skull down.
Small Gray Bear: bear was hungry but otherwise good.
Trimaris: two small towers look to be leaning more than at war.
Maison Des Animaux: looked good inside camp, tree infront of you camp 
was down.
Arenal: looked good.
Bath House 4: tree down adjecent to it.

Hope that everyone. If I missed your camp, I just did not notice 
anything wrong when I drove by.


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