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To our Bordermarch friends, 

Godwin and I are battening down the hatches and sheltering in place. The grandbabies and my daughter will be here later today. Our zip code should get winds up to 95 MPH. We are well-sheltered and well-supplied, and we have a generator. I will be back on line after the storm passes. 

Please include us in your prayers, along with especially those closer to the coast. 

Lissa & Godwin

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Glad to see that folks are heading north.  They are positioning our local state guard folks at Huntsville.  My father and I are staying here.  I wish everyone safety and health.  I know it is hard, but try not to panic or worry too much.  We have thunderstorms stronger than what we are expected to get **smiles**.

  Jim, if you need me for anything, give me a call at 8339912.  I am willing to help with paperwork or whatever I can do as a CERT person.

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