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     Your message was approved and I have just now verified that it DID
   get posted... even though your message was taking credit for "securing
   the castle doors" which I gather was done by Libby and Godric.  Godric
   backed his truck up against the castle doors durring the storm to keep
   them from swinging and getting torn off the hinges.  It bothered me
   that you were taking credit for work they had done and were not even
   giving them credit in that first message for thier work at Border
   Keep!  I've seen you do this several times in the past, like with Amt

   Bordermarch family,
   As of today, little spots around Baytown and La Porte are getting
   power and a few gas stations who get power open and have lines for gas
   that are MANy, Many blocks long till they run out of gas.  I drive by
   many stations were people are sitting waiting at the pumps where there
   is no gas in hopes a supply truck comes.  baytown is always on the
   bottom of the list for supplies, gas, electrical workers.  Lady
   Ellen's thinks it because the weather man always stands where he
   covers up Baytown. :)

   Just my second time to get to check up on Emails sinse the storm hit.
   Been getting to know the new neighbors very well with regular evening
   BBQ's that we've been taking turns cooking and feeding the group of us
   in the middle of the block.   We're hearing that it will be 2-3 more
   weeks before our neighborhood gets power.  Cables out too, so I can't
   even get on-line with the lap-top power.  Haven't really missed the TV
   or even the lights, but sure miss not being able to work on the
   computer.  Good news is that I'm gotten a lot of site tokens done and
   should be finished with the 600+ tokens with the leather I have.
   It'll be time for Adolf to get some more leather soon to finish the

   Anyone who gets power and then has a generator I can borrow till we
   get power sure would be nice not to have to get a couple bags of ice
   every days. :)

   Hugs and prayers to my Bordermarch Family,

   On Sat Sep 13 17:11 , Diego sent:
     I sent a weather and site condition update out on the list, but
     didn't post it for some reason. Colmesneil took a pretty strong
     There is a lot of damage around the site, trees down, signs down
     damage to both of my barns. The big tree in front of the castle
     like it might not survive this either. We are hoping to get water
     at least soon.
     Hope everyone else survived the storm ok.
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     On Sep 13, 2008, at 4:21 PM, sfabris2002 <[1]sfabris2002 at yahoo.com>
     > It's been windy and wet. We lost power around 9:30 this morning
     > no telling when it'll be back. It looks like most of Nac is
     > power right now.
     > Ansgar/Bill
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     >> Subject: Hows the weather
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     >> Date: Saturday, September 13, 2008, 3:43 PM
     >> Hello,
     >> Just curios how everyone is fairing in the weather.
     >> joe h
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