[Bordermarch] We're Back!

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Welcome back !!!,
 I too was at work until 2 days ago. (I worked one 16 hr shift and four 12hour shifts before they let me leave} I came home to no power but good water [Beaumont's water is salty and nasty]  and after 1 day the power came back on . Yes I will say it!!! " there's no place like home" even with the boy's gripping about the lack of fast food outlets that are open. 
Take care and be careful out there cleaning  up and watch out  for those copper-headed-rattle-moccasins this time of year 'cause their cranky.

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Greetings Bordermarch,

Once again, our immediate family perched upon a front porch, and decided
to stay and watch the storm. We stayed at  Elisabeth's medical clinic
and saw the storm blow down trees and rip metal buildings apart.  We now
have power and water, but still have a large oak on the roof of the
barn. Lots of trees and power poles went down, but very little
structural damage to our house. 

We lost internet access at home and can only guess when it will be
restored. I do have internet at work, dave.lathrop at valero.com, and I'll
be posting from there. 

Since we will be busy with clean-up for awhile, as will most of us in
the area, contact might be scarce, but that's to be expected. 

Our thanks to all for offering their services to others during this
crisis, and feel free to contact us if anything is needed.

Santiago and Elisabeth

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