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good to hear from you what have you heard about Simon and Tessa or Richard and Debra?

Theresa of Bordermarch

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   I just finished a move to Baytown and rode this one out. We were actually in 
one of the evacuation zip codes for Baytown.   After being near ground zero for 
Rita and one of the first back in after Rita, things in the Baytown area don't 
look too bad at all.  Not near so many trees down.  Yes, the media is making 
things look aweful by showing people the worst.  No power yet hear. Lyllianne 
said some parts of Lumberton had power, parts of Houston are getting power by 
the hour. Most of Katy has power now.  Areas south-east of Houston may be the 
longest befoer they get power as they took the most damage.  La Porte seems to 
be hit a little hard and they have police limiting who can get into La Porte.  
Many people in areas are having trouble with cell phones, east side of 
Bordermarch is having lots of connect problems as is La Porte (where I'm getting 
internet access through Texas Parks and Wildlife comm center running on 
generator). My Verizon seems to be doing great on the east
  side of Baytown.

 Anyone who evacuacted the Baytown area who would like me to check on thier 
place, give me a call and I'll try to get by and see. It might be a day or two 
before I have internet access again so calling would be best.

Lord Phocas Of Bordermarch - who is so glad we have a gas hot water heater and 
got a hot shower by candle light last night.

Cell- (409) 658-3800

Working land line when I'm at the house (281) 420-9336

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