[Bordermarch] Battle of the Pines Cancelled

Shane Wallace sdwsdw at suddenlink.net
Thu Sep 25 22:53:49 PDT 2008

Greetings unto the Barony of Bordermarch,

It is with sad news that the Shire of Graywood must announce the cancelation
of Battle of the Pines. Our site and the homes of our populace members were
damage during the hurricane. Our populace members must focus on getting
their mundane lives back together.

But all news is not bad.

Our good friends to the north in the good Shire of Rosenfeld have graciously
offer to allow us to hold our Championships at their event The Battle of
Three Kings XIV. Both event stewards will be carefully coordinating with
each other in planning on how the activities will run during the day. There
will be future posting with greater details in the future and most likely an
update on the Three Kings website. If you any questions please feel free to
contact the event stewards of each group. Two events for the Price of one !

Lord Ferus Khan     ferguskhan at yahoo.com <ferguskhan at yahoo.com>
Lady Carletta de Nicolosi     Carletta_Nicolosi at yahoo.com
<Carletta_Nicolosi at yahoo.com>
H.L. Ginevra de Montefeltro "Raven"    ravenlynx9 at yahoo.com


In Service to the Kingdom of Ansteorra,
Lord Malcolm de Crauford
Seneschal of Graywood

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