[Bordermarch] The plan

nomistk at bordermarch.org nomistk at bordermarch.org
Sun Aug 2 05:17:33 PDT 2009

Your Excelency Santiago the magnificent,

You are so wise!  The plan that you worked up with Baron Bourbon and coke is working to perfection.  My observations tell me that all of the kingdom of goat lovers is on the verge 
of internal war.  I must admit that I did not think Baron Bourbon and Coke would go through with it but his greed for more territory seems greater that his fear of his own nobles.

I would say that now is the time to ask the rest of our fair, mighty and benevolent kingdom to gather at your castle for the victory parade, for that is all it will be.  I do not 
see any chance that there will be opposition to your invasion.

On a personal note, after escaping from that strange captain of yours I was alarmed to hear him floating along the shore yelling my name.  what a dolt!  While leaning over the side 
of his boat hollering my name, he fell overboard.  As luck would have it he landed on a sand bar and bounced something terrible.  After a funny grunting sound it seems he now walks 
with a lean.  His crew found this to be very funny and proclaimed it was time to go kill something.  I heard him muttering about blaming this injury on your trusted swordwoman and 
a wagon, but know the truth.

As far as your words about the jimwat bush, I went back and confronted Lady Jimwat about her bushes fabled healing powers.  She flew into a rage at my doubting her word, hit me up 
side my head and sent me on my way.  I have quite the nasty bruise to show for my efforts.  I have noticed that while hiding in the sewers that the rats down here smell of 
raddishes.  Maybe the there is no jimwat bush, could it be a tree or a shrub?

I am off to make contact with Baron Bourbon and Coke, any words for our double agent?


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