[Bordermarch] Sunday's demo

Lathrop, Dave David.Lathrop at valero.com
Mon Aug 3 07:44:12 PDT 2009

Greetings Bordermarch,

Adolf the Bear
Lady Colecte
M'lady Abi
M'lord Carlos
HE Amber Lea
Lord Germanicus,
Roland Rath bourne
KC Louviere
Brittini Trahan
Sir Simonn
Lord Zane
Mistress Tessa
Lord Halverd
M'lord Grant
M'lady Rose
Raven Maclead
M'lady Emily
Lord Alderich The Black
M'lord Rogan
Lord Aaron Whitewolf
Lady Kemela
HE Dona Leah
Lady Nora & children
Lord Chrestien Brule
Lady Jillian
Lord Thomas
Lord Nikolai
Lady Bianca
M'lord Zakk
Lord Brian O'hUilliam
Lord Brand Eric
HE Santiago
HE Elisabeth

I hope I've not left anyone out, but this is a list of those who attended Sunday's Demo at Roger's Park.
(Check the spelling of your name, I can guarantee I've got some of them wrong)

A big thanks goes to Wolfstar for helping make this demo happen.

We watched as Lord Germanicus worked with the youth fighters, and tried to show them some of his legendary martial arts techniques. The youth listened for a bit then
attacked him with vigor. I did notice that Lord Germanicus's face had more than a few red abrasions from the youth nailing him.
M'lord Grant and m'lord Rogan were seen tearing it up and not even breaking a sweat! It's good to see the kids taking an interest in the fighting, but it's even better when we see one of them
get a shot in on their teacher!
I kept a extra sharp eye on young m'lord Carlos. I saw him spying me, no doubt planning another sneak attack!

Our Bardic Guild was present, and as usual, they shared with everyone their wonderful music.

There was plenty of food and drink for all, and the kids loved the golden melon Olaf brought.

I really don't know who the puppy belongs to, Dona Leah, Lady Nora, the kids, or Lord Chrestien Brule, but it attracts other children like flies. Maybe we need some more puppies for recruiting.

Lord Nik had his camera and took plenty of shots of everything. We'll get some of the pictures posted soon.

What a pleasure it was to have Lord Brian O'hUilliam join us. He hails from Loch Soilleir, but missed us so much he drove the extra mile to visit.

Mistress Tessa's historical displayed was viewed by many newcomers who saw all the activity, and stopped by to inquire about the goings on.

In a nut shell; the chiv and light fighting was great, the music was phenomenal, the food and drink sustained us all, and it was good to spend time with friends.

Where was the News Reporter who promised to show up, no-one knows, but we'll see him again sometime, and maybe we can get him suited up for a little fighting!

Thanks to all for helping to make this demo a fun one,

Santiago and Elisabeth
 Baron and Baroness

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