[Bordermarch] Coastal Regional Historian

Lathrop, Dave David.Lathrop at valero.com
Tue Aug 4 12:12:16 PDT 2009

Greetings unto our Coastal Regional Historian,

This week is flying by sooooo fast, OH MY GOSH! it's already Tuesday!

In the not too distant past, a beautiful young Lady ask if it was possible to post a serious question on a list, and get a serious answer.
My reply was, "Unfortunately Miss beautiful young Lady, you'll have to find a list that has mature people posting to it to get a serious reply to your question."
I also informed her that the Bordermarch list has very few mentally mature peoples posting to it.
Miss beautiful young smarty pants type Lady countered my serious answer to her question with, "The maturity needs to start with the HEAD!"
In silent thought I said to myself, "Of course maturity starts with the head, why else would we have ears with holes in them that tunnel into our heads."

HE Elisabeth is weaning me from saying what she considers "poo-poo" words.
She claims that my association with Lord Adolf has corrupted my mouth!
Since I love her so much, and I wish to please her, I have been trying real hard to cleanse my mind and fill it with happy thoughts.
The problem I'm having is that when I try to gain access to a happy thought, the only thing that comes into my brain is a semi lucid vision of a rubber Juniper berry.

Sir Simonn fell off a ladder,
and nearly ruptured his bladder.
He bonked his melon, and now it's swelling,
with a bruise that looks like squashed madder!

I have no reason to visualized a rubber Juniper berry.
Perhaps I overheard Lord Aaron Whitewolf explaining how he could use a Juniper berry to fix a flat tire; noooo, that's not it, his sentences usually contained only three words, and I'd have
been dead asleep by the time he finished his explanation.

He gathered his strength then rose from the dust,
while glaring at concrete and spikes all of rust,
"You'll not have me this day!!!" with clenched fist he did shout,
then stormed to the potty from whence he could pout.

A Juniper berry is sort of bluish-purple.
I found one of those cabbage head jelly fish on the beach awhile back, but it was almost transparent.

Our Coastal Regional Historian is none other than that little guy who joined us at the demo last Sunday while sporting a light blue jumper.

Coherent thought now begins  to elude me.

HE Santiago

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