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justinw at dreammakersetx.com justinw at dreammakersetx.com
Tue Aug 4 10:36:37 PDT 2009

You Excellency,

When you get that land that we discussed will we be setting up an out
post? I am still curious as to why you want swamp land. You already know
that the lands east of our borders contain nothing more than swamps,
alligators, and uncivilized people that look for their food in ditches
filled with water. Looking for small creatures that they boil. And the
way they eat these things is horrible. They rip the heads off and drink
the juices and then eat the body. It is most uncivilized. However you
wish to bring these people into the Barony. I know my opinion does not
mean much to Your Excellency, but if we don't run them out, I'm sure
there will be problems.

Has the strange little man named Dexter showed himself yet? I feel he is
going to be a hand full. Make sure you security is on the look out for
him. He may be harmless, but crazy people do crazy things we wouldn't
expect. Just look at Nomis.

Has there been any word from The Silver Hand? I have heard rumors of his
existence but have yet to see him.The tales of him have been told both
far and wide. He is a true legend upon the lands. Yet I still wonder if
he is a myth or has he become a hermit living away from those that wish
to learn from his skill and hear his tales.

My crew grows weary, they thirst for blood. I feel I will need to let
them "unwind" at some point. I thing I will dock somewhere in Glenn
Abhann to wreak havoc. I'll let you know how it goes.

Chrestien Brule

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