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Ahhh--the legendary Silverhand!

I am reminded of my very first contact with the SCA:
My recollection brings me to Old Town, where I happened to visit HE AmberLea and the Silverhand's manse. 
It seems like it was yesterday when there, on a grassy bit of earth, I witnessed for the very first time, members of the SCA facing off with blades in hand.
I knew not then that I was in the presence of the mighty Silverhand himself, giving tutelage to one of his cadets. 
I watched with amazement as the blades became a blur of flashing light just before someone shouted, "Good!".
With their practice ended, the Silverhand himself actually beckoned me to join their happy group in the manse for some cool drink to wash the dust from my throat. 
It was then I heard from deep within their dwelling, the voices of HE AmberLea and the children singing and laughing from the pure joy of being together.
Parting from this idyllic moment in time was not my wish, alas, my duties that day were not yet complete.
Before my departure, the Silverhand reach out his gloved hand and freely offered his friendship to me. He then extended an invitation to a future gathering
at the Church on the Calder for another session of SCA magic.
Of course neither HE AmberLea nor the Silverhand would remember my presence for my stay was cut short, but I shall not forget that day!

AmberLea, you truly are blessed to witness a rare glimpse of the Silverhand. Though he now bobs and weaves deep in the forest, seemingly at peace with himself,
I believe he will return! He must return! My Captain Brule needs him!

HE Santiago  

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I will attest, young Captain, that the Silverhand doth exist.  I spent time 
with him last Friday as we celebrated the birthday  of a family member. True 
it has been so long since he has appeared that his fame has faded into the 
mists and he is only spoken of in hushed whispers around the camp fire.  The 
Bards still speak of a Spanish knife fight in which he altered time and 
space itself.  Perhaps he has chosen the hermit's life because he has become 
frail and fragile in his dotage, but as one of the blessed few that still 
catches glimpses as he flits in and out amonst the trees ( talking to them 
and petting them lovingly). I assure you that he does still exist.  AmberLea

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